Google Drive How To Video Great Site for Translating Phrases and vocabulary

This is a great site for translating phrases into over 20 languages. Chinese, Spanish, Korean and even Burmese or Arabic.

Basic Math Skill Interactives

This is a great site for basic math skills like multiplication tables, addition and subtraction facts, division facts, fractions, decimals and more. The site also has Literacy links which I will post more about soon.

This site has some really great links for English grammar exercises and interactive ESL activities. It also has a great kids games section for math facts, addition facts, science basics etc. A teacher section has educational technology links. Check it out!

Grammar Exercises

Here are some great Grammar exercises for you. They have a link to check your answers at the bottom of each activity. Have fun.


Here is a site that helps users pronounce words from not only English, but several other languages.

ESL Discussion Questions

Here is a PDF file with discussion questions for the ESL classroom. I have used similar lists by displaying the PDF through a projector or Doc Camera to the Board and giving students 3 minutes to interview a partner with the questions. After 2 minutes they switch. It is a good warm up or wake up activity when the students are looking a little bored.

Letter Generator

Here is a simple letter generator that students can use for both business and friendly letters. Just fill in the information, click print and you're done. Thanks to for another great resource. for Activities and Technology Integration in Education

This site is jam packed with ESL resources, technology for the classroom and technology tools for school. Take a look at the site and discover the world of educational technology for ESL and non-ESL students and teachers.


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